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Amy Moyle, Managing Partner

Some people thrive on finding challenges; Ms. Moyle thrives on solving them. With over 25 years of experience in developing software systems, Ms. Moyle has made an art form of developing and implementing the changes necessary to successful business. She understands that as a person in a management role it isn't just a matter of identifying a problem and fixing it. It is about putting the right people in the positions to make implementation of the solution seamless. All while providing the most creative environment possible while never losing sight of the deadline.

Ms. Moyle's experience includes The Blackstone Design Group, which specializes in helping small to medium sized companies take full advantage of the internet resources which help make them strong competitors. She has been the Director of Engineering at Amicus, Inc. and Kazan, Inc. At Kazan she recruited, hired, supervised, and mentored a technical staff of 22. As Senior Project Manager at Convio, Inc. Ms. Moyle was responsible for the design, development, implementation plan, and implementation of Convio products. Ms. Moyle was Senior Controls Engineer for the Ford Motor Company, and Production Manager for Deja News.

Although Ms. Moyle loves to design new software, she gets the most satisfaction from communicating with creative people to create the most valuable product. This ensures that the customer more than happy, and that all parties can feel like they have really built something they can be proud of. It is because of this, that she is excellent at not only communicating with the customer to understand exactly what they need, but also an excellent communicator between business and technical oriented groups.

Ms. Moyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Aided Manufacturing from Eastern Michigan University.

John Moyle, Senior Partner

Mr. Moyle has over 35 years experience in the software industry, focused on commercial, business software products and custom applications. Mr. Moyle's strength lies in being able to deliver exactly the product that the customer wants and needs. He takes the business desires from a customer, translates them into an implementable product, and tracks development to ensure a successful implementation.

Mr. Moyle's experience includes Program Manager (nCommon Partners, Ltd.), Senior Consultant (The Blackstone Design Group), Director of Product Development (TECS, Inc.), Director of Product Management (Amicus, Inc.), and Director of Commander ADL Development (Comshare, Inc.). Mr. Moyle is able to draw on this experience in order design and build the product to specifications, guide teams successfully in development and implementation, and continue maintenance after release.

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